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A transport cart is designed to safely transport heavy loads. We have a wide range of ergonomic transport carts that make your workday easier and more effective. Our carts are both durable and easy to maneuver, making the movement of heavy, large or cumbersome items efficient. The carts can be used both for transport and as storage space in a warehouse. Our mini carts are often chosen for smooth internal transports while the profile carts store profiles of various heights and lengths.



In our selection you will find carts that are perfect both as a warehouse cart in the workshop and as a transport cart. The carts are equipped with robust puncture-free wheels and are easy to handle. Our carts are quality assured and of high quality. The carts can be used to transport various types of sheet materials such as glass sheets, metal sheets, plasterboards and sheet metal. Regardless of the areas of use our carts are the best choice for safe transport.


Warehouse carts, transport carts, construction carts & mini carts

Our range includes warehouse carts, construction carts, standing profile carts, mini carts and carts with both rubber wheels and brakes. All carts roll easily and smoothly. The design is adapted to withstand both heavy and delicate materials, and we also customize the cart according to the needs of your specific operation. With over 30 years in the industry, we can proudly present ourselves as experts in products designed for industrial work. We are committed to always delivering top-class solutions that facilitate the daily work of your company. All carts are of high standard and we are happy to consult with you about the choice of cart to find an optimal cart for you, whether it's a warehouse cart, transport cart or glass cart.


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