used glass washing machines

used glass washing machines

What is a glass washing machine? If you own or are working with large batches of glass that needs to be washed you will not be able to do it without a high-quality glass washing machine. We offer efficient and time-saving machines for glass washing. 

It may happen that machines will reach their best before date and therefore it becomes unprofitable to repair them. Acquiring new ones can be a large investment and to keep up with the production you need to get machines in a quick way. Glasmek in Osby AB can help you by offering a large selection of used glass drilling machines, ball unit tables, cutting tables, list cutters, spray tables and a variety of other insulating glass machines.


Renovated products for glass washing machines

Our used machines are functionally tested and fully functional which means that all you have to do is install them and get started. Take a look at our selection by clicking on the images on this page. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us. We may have something coming or the item might not just be up on the site yet. Contact us on 0479-53 53 00 or email You can also fill in our contact form if you want us to contact you.