StaND - OPTIMIZE YOUR WORK with transport stands

We offer stands for both transport and storage of, among many other industrial materials - glass plates, stone slabs, plasterboards and metal sheets. Does your company need racks for storing large and fragile items? Our stands will optimize both the work and create a more structured storage space. We offer both larger racks with 8 pegs to smaller stands with A-frames. If you have a storage of, for example car windows and want to store a larger number of glass plates, a 21-peg stand might be more suitable. A 21-peg rack can hold up to 21 plates and can be wall-mounted. We offer multiple solutions and tailor the stands specifically for your needs. There are several advantages to storing products and plates on a stand. It creates, among other things, a structured inventory management that is easy for your employees to handle. Products that are stored or transported via stands are kept secure and will avoid damage. It is also a very efficient way to transport larger batches with a car trailer.


In our range you will find several variants of stands with different qualities. All racks are fixed and can be used for both transport and storage. Which rack is most beneficial for you depends entirely on what you wish to store or transport. Our new stands are available in several different models and you can find them down below. We have both large and smaller models as well as stands with simpler and more advanced functions. Can't find what you're looking for here? Contact us, we most likely have something that suits your needs!


Please contanct us if you have questions regarding our stands or need help picking the proper stand for your activity